The Main Draws to the Subaru Name Brand

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Vehicle maintenance plan

The increasingly innovative automotive technologies developed by Subaru give the company an edge over its competition. So many incredible vehicles are being sold by Subaru car dealers all across the United States. Subaru inventory at local Subaru dealers is barely keeping up with demand, and older models to be found at used Subaru dealers are snapped up as soon as they are traded in. The high quality tech leaves the vehicles with a long lifespan when accompanied by a responsible vehicle maintenance plan, although the vehicle maintenance plans need not be too rigorous.

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing arm of the Fuji Heavy Industries, a Japanese transportation conglomerate. As Subaru car dealers sales professionals are well aware, Subaru was, in terms of production, ranked as the 26th largest global auto manufacturer. Subaru, which is the Japanese translation of the Pleiades star cluster to which its logo alludes, is responsible for some of the very best modern vehicles in production. It has been ever since its very first model, the Subaru 1500, came on the scene in 1954.

One reason that Subarus are so beloved by environmentalists is that Subaru has a 97.3 percent recycling ratio rate for their end of life vehicles. This is due to the use of highly recyclable materials throughout its automobiles, many of which can be purchased at Subaru car dealers in cities and towns all over America. Another reason that people adore Subarus is because of their fond memories of the series of ads for the Subaru Outback that featured “Crocodile Dundee” star Paul Hogan resuming that titular role. These ads ran from 1995 to 2000 and were extremely popular. They are still mentioned by people who visit Subaru car dealers in various parts of the country. In fact, at some Subaru car dealers in smaller towns, posters of Hogan are still hanging on the show room floor.

At Subaru car dealers in the Northeast, there is a Subaru guaranteed trade in program that many people are taking of advantage of. At Subaru car dealers in the Southwest, the used vehicle financing is particularly strong. The vehicle financing rates for Subaru car dealers in the Midwest are just excellent. No matter which Subaru car dealers hip you visit, you are sure to get your needs met so that you can drive off the lot with the car of your dreams. What do you envision when you think of Subaru?

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