The Numerous Advantages to Buying a Used Car

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Used vehicles in anchorage

As soon as you drive a brand new car off the sales lot, it drops significantly in value. Because the car dealership needs to make a profit, you are actually buying a new car for more than it’s worth. As soon as the rubber meets the road, your brand new car is worth its true value. There are many other options available to consumers that will put them in the driver seat when it comes to managing their money.

When turning in a lease you are essentially giving back a car you paid on- for whatever lease term- with absolutely no return. New cars are almost as bad an investment as leasing because when you lease, you’re essentially renting a car for 2-5 years after spending anywhere from $12,000-45,000. When selling the car you bought new on a trade-in or privately, recouping as much of the instant value loss is the challenge. This margin is typically much wider than the loss when reselling a car you bought used. On the low end, there are reliable used cars available for a fraction of that figure.

Educated consumers who treat an automobile as an asset are increasingly buying used cars. And with much more reliable, well-built, longer-lasting cars on the road today, the stigma associated with buying a used car is a thing of the past. And when it comes to affordable used cars, rental cars for sale typically offer the best used cars prices and subsequent used cars value.

With an estimated 126,097 used car dealerships currently located in the United States, drivers in the market have a wealth of options when it comes to features, makes and models. Good used cars for sale are increasingly easier to come by, and contributing to that pool in a major way are car rental companies. Car rental companies and used rental cars for sale are driving the pre-owned car market to new highs.

With a 4.4% increase in used car sales from 2011 to 2013 in the United States, the diversity of rental cars have increased significantly over recent years, of which an estimated 23% are SUVS. Meanwhile, an estimated 10% of all used vehicles sold in the United States are considered to be trucks while only 10% of rental cars for sale in the United States are manual transmission.

Purchasing a brand new car or leasing is almost like throwing money away. There is an enormous inventory of used rental cars for sale offering safe, reliable transportation without all the added cost. The less overhead in your investment, the greater a return you will see when it’s time to sell. Ger more information on this topic here.

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