The Uses for Six Popular Types of Hose Clamps

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Hose clamps types

Hose clamps are common items for those who attempt to do most of their plumbing work themselves. Designed to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting, hose clamps are ideal for sealing and attaching items with moderate pressure–making them popular in household and automotive applications. Here are descriptions and uses for six different types of hose clamps that you may come into contact with.

#1. Worm Gear Clamps

Also known as screw clamps or band clamps, worm gear clamps are made of galvanized or stainless steel with a screw thread etched into the material. The clamp tightens as it is screwed around a hose. Worm gear clamps are typically suited for hoses that have diameters greater than half an inch. Worm gear clamps are often used for attaching sections of waste water piping in households and can be handy in emergency situations.

#2. Ear Clamps

Ear clamps are types of hose clamps that have a stainless steel band with an ear (or closing element). A tool can be used to tighten the ears together, thereby securing the clamp. Ear clamps can only be used once, because as they ears are pulled together by the tools, they are permanently bent out of shape. Ear clamps have applications in the automotive industry.

#3. Spring Clamps

Spring hose clamps have two steel tabs that are squeezed together with pliers to temporarily increase the diameter of the clamp so it can be placed around a hose. Once it is released, it tightens to securely seal the hose. Spring clamps are often used in tight spaces as they do not require additional tools to tighten–they tighten upon release. Thus, spring clamps may be found in automotive engine bays or versions that are pinched by hand are used to secure leaks in vacuum hoses.

#4. Mini Hose Clamps

Different types of hose clamps are suited to different tasks. For this reason, hose clamps are available in a wide variety of sizes to be able to fasten hoses of all sizes. For tasks that require fastening the smallest hoses, there are mini hose clamps. Mini hose clamps are ideal for working with pipes in tight spaces and for precisely sealing tubing and hoses with a small diameter.

#5. Quick Release Hose Clamps

Available in both small and large sizes, quick release hose clamps find uses in plumbing, automotive, agricultural and architectural applications. Quick release hose clamps are most often used in projects requiring the clamp to be disengaged during installation and removal because of a closed location.

#6. Wire Clamps

Wire clamps are usually made from a heavy piece of wire that has been bent into a “U” shape. A screw can be screwed into a nut to tighten the clamp around the hose. The wire clamp design ensures that pressure is kept at a uniform level all around the hose or tubing.

The applications for hose clamps are near endless and chances are, you will find uses for them during do-it-yourself projects around the home and in your vehicle. Hose clamps can be used in projects that would normally require a zip-tie or duct tape–other do-it-yourself staple items!

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