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A car is one of the most expensive and difficult items that you’ll probably need to repair in your lifetime but, then again, it’s also one of the most rewarding. For most of the general population, however, cars are complicated and strange. We tend to treat them like magic transportation machines and only think about how they work when they inevitably fall into disrepair. This is no good, obviously, and makes it difficult to consider where to take your car when it needs a simple tune up. Fortunately, there are a few easy answers to this question that don’t involve either magic or complicated explanations. Just simple logic. A transmission repair shop, for instance, does several things to help your car when it’s in need, from transmission flush to transmission rebuild and general transmission service. Before you take your car to get inspected, however, there are a few things you can do yourself to make sure the process won’t be too expensive for you or too arduous for the people doing the inspecting. Here are a few things to consider inspecting on your own before you take your car to a transmission repair shop.
The fluids inside
Now let’s start with a simple, theoretical car owner. Her name is Candice and she works as a sous chef in southern Arizona. It’s not a bad life, it makes a little bit of money but it’s certainly not enough to cover all of the expenses that might come up. One day, Candice is in the parking garage of her building and tries to start her car to no success. It quickly overheats, definitely not a good thing in hot Arizona, and stalls out, leaving her stranded. Now, there are a few culprits to this particular problem, some that are obvious and some that are less so. Fortunately, Candice is smart and she knows where to look first. She also knows that she might be able to fix this specific problem before she takes her car into the transmission repair shop for inspection. So she gets out of the driver’s seat and, after checking to make sure it’s safe, pops the hood of her car. Smoke billows out and she clears it away, intending to check one thing and one thing only, that is, at least she knows that one thing is not the problem.
The lifeblood of the car
As many astute readers have already guessed, yes, she is checking the oil. Proper oil is one of the most important components of any functioning car but many car owners, even long time car owners, don’t know the basics of how oil works. They assume that any amount of oil, or any type of oil, will suffice for any brand of car. Candice is smarter than this, however, and she knows that her car takes a specific kind of oil and can be temperamental if dealt with in an improper fashion. Sure enough, the oil that was last put into her car was of a different brand by her less than knowledgeable boyfriend. She makes sure that this indeed the problem and then replaces it with some spare oil she carries in the hidden space under the trunk of her car. The problem has been averted and the transmission repair shop will be happy for it.
Other problems
There are other problems that could befall her of course. Let’s say Candice tries to start her car but as she backs up, her brakes start grinding. This is whole different species of problem and, in most ways, it’s just as serious. The brakes are the part of the car that you need to keep the cleanest and in best repair. Without them, the car absolutely cannot function properly. So what is Candice going to do about this? First she puts the car in park wherever she is. Long as she’s not actively obstructing traffic, she needs to make sure the car moves lest it starts moving and never stops. Then she needs to check the brakepads and other brake components before calling someone to help move the car. Safety should be her goal.

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