Think You May Need a Tune Up? 7 Signs That You Do

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The American love affair with cars has gone back since the beginning of the automobile industry. This is one of the nation’s largest industries. More than 1.5 million people work for this industry. In 2014, 7.7 million cars were sold. Nearly 17.5 million have been sold so far in 2016. Car dealers like to remind people that routine car care can make a big difference. The news is the same for new and used cars but it is important to get your car tuned up when it needs it.

7 Tips to Tell if Your Car Needs a Tune Up:

  1. Your warning lights go on. These lights are in your car for a reason. You should pay attention to them. Car dealers remind their customers that the lights are there to warn you of a current or potential problem with something in your car. One of the advantages of buying a new car is that the systems are very advanced and can often alert a car owner to small problems before they become large ones. Do not ignore these lights.
  2. Your car stalls at intersections and elsewhere. If your car starts stalling at intersections, when you try to accelerate or at a host of times, you should take your car in for a tune up. Car dealers say that stalling can be caused by a host of reasons.
  3. The fuel mileage changes. If you notice that you are needing to fill up your tank more often than you are used to, unless you have increased the amount of driving you are doing, is a sign of problem. You need to bring your car into one of the local car dealerships to find the cause of your change in fuel mileage. This is often a reliable indication that your engine is no longer operating at its peak efficiency and is worth having checked out. The sooner you do this, the better.
  4. Your breaks start talking to you. Your brakes are not supposed to make noise as they bring the car to a stop, say car dealers. There are instances when the outside temperature may make brakes squeaky but if that does not go away as the day goes on, you have a problem that needs to be investigated. You should also not have to work to get the brakes to kick in. If you find you need to exert more pressure on the brakes, it is time to take your car in for a look.
  5. If you have a problem starting your car, you need to take it in. Your car is a machine, it should not take a few times to try to start it in the morning. If you find that you are having trouble starting the car, you need to take it in for a tune up. This could be a sign that your starter is defective or that your battery has become weak. These are not the only problems that can cause this so take it in.
  6. Has the acceleration changed? If you notice that the “get up and go” your car once has has gotten up and left, you need to take that car in for a tune up. The loss of power can be a dangerous problem that you need to take care of as soon as you can. This can happen at very bad times and create a dangerous situation.
  7. You notice strange noises. Your car is not going to be silent but if you suddenly notice new noises, car dealers say that this is an indication that you need to take your car in for a tune up. This is one reason you need to pay attention to your vehicle. You should know what is and is not “normal.”

No matter what kind of car you have, all car dealers (used car dealers and new car dealers) agree that vehicles need to be tuned up from time to time. We love our vehicles and want to take care of them. Paying attention to the vehicle and how it responds when you are driving it is the best way to make sure you keep it running for years and years.

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