Thinking About Buying A Hybrid Car? 2 Reasons To Go For It!

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Hybrid car battery replacement

With gas prices up, many people are wondering what cars have the best MPG and fuel efficiency. Now that hybrid car technology is improving and prices on hybrid cars going down, many people are looking at hybrid vehicles as a viable option for their next car. More and more car manufacturers are choosing to produce hybrid vehicles as demand goes up. Statistic Brain reported that over 2.1 million hybrid vehicles were sold in 2012 and the numbers are only going up as time goes on. It looks good for car manufacturers as well, since they’re producing more environmentally friendly cars, something both popular demand and government regulations are pushing. Hybrid cars are also a big aspect of the sustainable energy movement, with some cities putting in recharging stations for hybrid car batteries alongside gas stations.
Some Basics on Hybrid Vehicles
For those who aren’t entirely sure what a hybrid vehicle is, it’s essentially a vehicle that uses a mix of gasoline and electric power in order to run. Some hybrid cars get powered using the sun and a rechargeable battery, while others rely mostly on hybrid car batteries. There are other methods of energy conservation that depend on the size of the vehicle as well. One downside that people may see with hybrid vehicles is the upfront cost, which is still about 15-25% more expensive than a traditional gasoline powered vehicle. However, the gas money you save can make it worth it, and studies have shown that you can gain that money back several times over if the vehicle stays with you for a long period of time. Additionally, as hybrid vehicles increasingly become the norm, those high costs will eventually continue to decrease.
Why Should I Purchase A Hybrid Vehicle?
Financial Incentives and Savings
The main thing touted with hybrid vehicles is the amount of money you can potentially save on gas. A hybrid vehicle is about 20-35% more fuel efficient than a vehicle that runs purely on gas. Many hybrid vehicles can up to 40 or more miles per gallon. Purchasing a hybrid vehicle may also save you on your insurance costs. Cars Direct reports that insurance companies may offer discounts to hybrid vehicle drivers, based on research that shows these types of cars and drivers are less likely to be in an accident. Tax incentives may also be offered, saving drivers almost $3,500 in tax money.
Environmentally Friendly
Driving a hybrid vehicle means that your harmful emissions from driving are reduced by about 25-35%. Greenhouse gas emissions are cut down significantly when you drive a hybrid vehicle and fossil fuels are also conserved. It also increases the push to find alternative methods of fueling our vehicles, which is important for the coming years as the supply of fossil fuels decreases.
I’m Worried About My Hybrid Battery Replacement
If you’re worried about replacing your hybrid car batteries, since they’re expensive (anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000), many hybrid car batteries come with an 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty. You can also try and find a highly reliable battery manufacturer that specializes in long lasting car batteries and good warranties. Additionally, as technology increases, the quality of the batteries will increase.
If you want better gas mileage, a lower impact on the environment, and a sleek, modern car, consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle today!

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