Thinking of Buying a Car from Second Hand Car Dealers?

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In the United States, owning a car is an essential part of living a full life. Consider, without a car, you’ll have a hard time getting to and from work, unless you live in a big city with great public transportation. Without a car, getting to the grocery store, meeting up with friends, heading to the gym — some of the most mundane things we take for granted — can become nearly impossible.

Of course, especially in this lackluster economy, getting the money together to even consider new car sales can seem impossible. However, by looking at used car dealers, you can get a great car in excellent shape, without having to spend an arm and a leg. Having said that, here are some tips on buying a used car from a dealer to help you find the very best option.

Four Tips on Buying a Used Car from Second Hand Car Dealers

  1. Look for Certified Pre-Owned Status
  2. One of the biggest obstacles when looking for a car from second hand car dealers is the overwhelming selection. How can you possibly know where to begin with so many choices? For Edmunds, looking for Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) status can greatly narrow your options. Plus, you can be sure that a car with CPO status has been inspected, repaired, and, in some cases, upgraded to make it as close to new as a used car can be.

  3. Know Your Price Going In
  4. Likewise, knowing your price range before heading to second hand car dealers can greatly cut down your trouble choosing a car. As Kelley Blue Book writes, you should never go for anything that will cost you more than 20% of your monthly income to pay back.

  5. Use Reputable Online Reference Sites to Know When You’ve Found a Deal
  6. As Jalopnik, a popular online sports and technology community, points out, you should consider using reputable online resources to look at the price for the type of car you’re thinking of buying, based on mileage, age, and other considerations. Kelley Blue Book is among the most trusted. Once you have this information, you can spot a deal — or a ripoff — from a mile away.

  7. Make Sure to Check the Title History
  8. Before you buy, ask for the title information for the car. If you take the VIN number to the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask to see the title history, you can discover whether or not the car has been recalled, seriously damaged, suffered water damage or any of a number of other things that could dramatically reduce the life of the vehicle, as MSN Autos aptly suggests.

Do you specialize in selling used cars? What tips would you give shoppers looking for a used car? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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