Three Ideas for Your New Custom Tire Cover

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Spare tire covers

Not every car requires a spare tire cover. Jeep and Hummer owners are likely familiar with the need for tire covers to protect their external spares, but most other makes and models keep the spare inside. Did you know that if you have an external spare, you don’t have to keep the plain spare tire cover that came with your car? There are a number of retailers that offer spare tire covers in fun, patriotic, nature-inspired, and quirky designs, and many that allow you to create your own custom cover. If you think that you might try custom tire covers, here are some ideas to help you create one that is a perfect match for your style.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

You’re probably going to see that tire cover every time you go out to your car, so make the design something that brings a smile to your face. Maybe it’s your favorite sports team, animal, vacation spot, or country? Make sure to check that the picture you are considering isn’t already one of the options for spare tire covers currently offered by the retailer. Pre-made designs tend to be executed very professionally, so you could save yourself the time and trouble by double-checking.

Completely Custom

If you are an illustrator, photographer, or artist of any kind, why not show off your work? Pick your favorite piece, or one that would look best attached to your car, and upload it to the custom design feature. If you are a professional, why not include your logo, or website address?

Abstract Thinking

Spare tire covers don’t have to be recognizable pictures and images. If there is a pattern or a design that you are partial to, why not use that? Polka dots, splatter-paint, argyle, stripes, anything that you want. If you create the image with colors that match, or are complementary to the rest of your car, you could end up with a custom tire cover that really stands out from the rest.

When designing your custom cover, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Jeep owners are more likely than other car owners to take their vehicles into muddy and messy terrain. Your Jeep tire covers should be very durable, and easy to clean. Also, make sure that you securely fasten your new tire cover so that it doesn’t blow off in windy conditions on the highway.

There are many creative ways to design a custom tire cover, so don’t settle for a concept that doesn’t thrill you. After all, the process is entirely in your hands. If an abstract design, personal piece of artwork, or image of something you love doesn’t do the trick, then keep at it! Your spare tire cover should be a perfect fit for your spare, your car, and your personality.

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