Three of the Best Cars to See at Your Next Antique Car Show!

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James Bond had his Aston Martens; the Fonz had his Triumph motorcycle; and Batman had his bat-mobile. Each of these characters symbolizes the pinnacle of “cool” to most of America, and this is no doubt influenced by their select choice of ride. Many of these magnificent testaments to automotive engineering can be found at antique car shows. If you tune in to car talk shows on the radio, or keep an eye out on vehicle blogs, you can hear announcements for events like import car shows and old car shows, where you’ll have the chance to check out some of these amazing cars, and possibly even buy one.

Here is a short list of some of the amazing rides you can check out at upcoming antique car shows!

1. The 1970-74 Datsun 240Z.

Listed on MSN’s “Affordable Classic Cars For Hot Summer Cruising”, the Datsun kicked off the Japanese sports-car revolution. Datsun, which eventually became Nissan, built the gorgeous grand tourer whose looks give both the Ferrari Daytona and the Jaguar E-Type a run for their money. With comparable engine power, the Datsun costs thousands of dollars less than the cars it imitates. MSN writes that the Datsun “is a great long-distance cruiser and a stylish piece of art that shows up its more expensive rivals.” At antique car shows, you can find it at a mint condition price of $45,000, or at $8,000 for a fixer upper.

2. The 1969 Boss 429 Mustang.

Ford changed the Mustang’s body to accommodate the Boss’s fantastically large engine, which means you know you’re in for some serious white knuckle driving on highways. Listed on popular style site Cool Material’s “15 Cars That Defined Cool” list, the site writes of this Mustang, “How could you not want to roll down the windows and listen to that sucker as you were cruising around? (Which would be a good idea since, due to the size of the engine, they couldn’t fit in any air conditioning.)”

3. The 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.

Motor Trend Magazine lists this Cadillac as #25 on their “60 Coolest Cars” list that chronicles six decades of rides that everyone wanted. In its heyday, the car car was more expensive than most contemporary houses, and came complete with drink tumblers in the glovebox, as well as a one-ounce atomizer of Arpege Extrait de Lanvin perfume. According to Motor Trend, “Elvis, Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Aristotle Onassis all owned one.”

You are sure to encounter hundreds of other jaw dropping vehicles at your next antique car show. For example in fact, online news source The Examiner reports that there were 500 different classic automobiles expected at the Historical Car Club’s antique car show. The admission is free to most antique car shows, and offers patrons a chance to drive their dream vehicle, whether it be a truck, muscle car or motorcycle. If you have any questions about these sweet rides, about antique car shows, or any upcoming news about antique car shows, feel free to leave a comment!

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