Three of the Main Historical Events in Subaru’s Lifetime by Geographical Landmarks

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Subaru has been around a long time, but a lot of their history has taken place in three main locations. Here’s a peek into Subaru’s past as seen through these three spots:

1. Japan

As you would expect, Subaru has its roots back in Japan. It originated as The Aircraft Laboratory in Japan in 1915. They were responsible for manufacturing a lot of Japan’s planes during World War II. This is a far cry from the local Subaru dealers you may see today. Eventually they reinvented themselves as Fuji Heavy Industries and, many years later, moved to…

2. Philadelphia

Subaru is a major car brand in America — you probably see a lot of Subaru inventory on the road each day — but it had to come over at some point. Subaru of America was started in 1968 in none other than our own Philadelphia. From humble starts, these Subaru car dealers have grown to hold a firm place in the market. They’ve done a lot of work in the past thirty years or so!

3. Lafayette

As Subaru has grown in the United States, they’ve done more than just try to shift Subaru used inventory. They’ve been trying to improve their own car design and selling practices as well. In Lafayette, Indiana, for example, the Subaru plant actually achieved a zero land fill status with its highly recyclable cars. That green thinking may be what saves the environment some day, and Subaru car dealers are leading the way! What do you think of Subaru? Find more: doyleauto.com

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