Three Popular Airstream Camper Models That Campers Love

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Camping being one of the most famous outdoor recreation activity in the United States, it has generated a lot of revenue for both the RV parks and campgrounds over the years. With an estimated figure of around five billion U.S dollars in 2013, camping is surely a loved activity by many. Getting the right camping trailer is a step ahead in enjoying your time out with family and friends. Airstream models have been on the market long enough to understand what campers need to make their camping memorable, and with over five Airstream Camper Models, you are spoilt for choices.

Trailers specially designed to meet your camping needs in all aspect is what you need. Airstream Camper Models have come up with three effective and efficient trailers well designed to offer a lasting camping experience. The three popular Airstream Camper models are the Land Yacht 28, Classic and the Sport. Their performance is unbeatable, even by the folding camper trailer.

1. The Land Yacht
The Land Yacht is one of the favorite trailers in camping, as it can accommodate up to five people with premium upgrades already installed. It has an exterior length of 28′ and an exterior width of 8′ 5.5″. This should provide enough space for most of your friends and family. An outstanding feature in this camper model is it’s floor plan, there is no waste space in it. All essential practical features such as bedding, seating, cabinets and countertops have been articulately fitted to offer a clean look and value for your money. With an option of either polar or mocha interior theme, your RV trailer will have a distinct look from the next one. Land Yacht is the most luxurious camper in the line of Airstream Camper Models, you’ll want to hit the road and never come back.

2. The Classic Camper Model
Second most popular trailer from Airstream is the Classic camper model. And just as its name indicates, it incorporates some of the traditional craftsmanship in its design. This one offers everything in maximum, from storage space, living area to sleeping quarters. It boasts of an exterior length of 31’3″ and 6’7.5″interior height with a durable marine-grade flooring. For the loved ones, it has a queen size bedding space with two adjacent nightstands giving you enough space just for the two of you. On a long endless journey or camping trip, the three water tanks offer you constant water supply for most of your cleaning and refreshing needs. This classic camper model will let you enjoy all the comfort that you get from home.

3. The Airstream Sport
The last camper model loved by many is the Airstream Sport. Packed with comforts of home, it sets a camping mood right. Unlike our previous models, Sport travel trailer has a slightly squeezed floor plans but it hosts up to four people. Being smaller than the first two models, it has an option of two sized trailers measuring 16′ 4″ and 21′ 8″. The size playing to your advantage, sport travel trailer consumes less fuel and can be towed with an SUV having all the trailer features pre-installed. Some of these features include shower, refrigerator, microwave, beddings, kitchen cabinets and a host of other essential trailer packages. This one will definitely take your camping to another level.

With these three Airstreams trailer models, camping is made easier and super fun with already installed camper accessories. You simply pack and leave, and still enjoy all home comforts on the road. When choosing a suitable camping trailer, consider the number of people you’ll be tagging along, the area space together with the floor plans. Bearing in mind the luxury features they offer and the availability of camper parts store, you’ll never go wrong when choosing a suitable airstream camper model. More good news is, Airstreams models have reasonable prices out there for travel trailers; in that, you won’t need a used travel camper when you can get a brand new.

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