Three Reasons to Get a Vehicle Maintenance Plan Through a Car Dealership

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Buying a vehicle is an expensive purchase, and when you start to consider all of the future costs due to maintenance and repairs, things can really add up quickly. Many new vehicles will come with a factory-backed vehicle maintenance plan that covers certain necessary maintenance costs, but when a car manufacturer doesn’t offer such a plan, many times the dealership will step in and offer their own plan. Most of the time, local used car dealers will also offer these vehicle maintenance plans on their used vehicles. These plans are prepaid and cover maintenance on the car as outlined in the owner’s manual. Some of the benefits of a pre-paid vehicle maintenance plan are:

  1. Less Stress – One of the nice things about a vehicle maintenance plan from the dealer is that they are very convenient for car owners. Because it is offered through the dealership, all maintenance needs to be done at their auto shop. This means that car owners don’t need to shop around for a trustworthy mechanic. The dealership will also let car owners know when they need to bring their vehicle in for scheduled maintenance, giving them one less thing to worry about.
  2. Discounts – Since car owners must bring their vehicle to the dealership for maintenance, the dealer benefits from these pre-paid plans. It gives them a regular flow of cars in their shop, and it helps them build relationships with customers to build a loyal customer base. For this reason, many dealerships will offer a discount on vehicle maintenance plans.
  3. Maintenance Costs Pre-determined – Car maintenance can add up over the years, and it can add quite a bit onto the cost of the car itself. A pre-paid plan locks in the maintenance costs from the beginning, so the car owner won’t have any expensive surprises in the future. The cost of the maintenance plan can also usually be added to monthly car payments, allowing car owners to pay for the plan over a longer period of time.

Vehicle maintenance plans through a dealership are convenient, often times cheaper and lock maintenance costs in from the beginning of ownership. They are not only offered from new car dealers, but also when a person is buying a used car from a dealer. It is always a good idea to know what the maintenance options are before buying a car to ensure that no surprise costs pop up along the way. Check out this site for more.

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