Three Signs It’s Time for New Brakes

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You’re driving down the road, windows down, music up. The wind is whipping through your hair as you take a tight turn around the cliff that looks over the ocean. Hitting the accelerator, you revel in the sound of your custom exhaust systems. Taking another rolling corner, you notice a road sign for construction ahead. Not wanting to be pulled over for excessive speeding in a work zone, you hit the brakes to slow down. The problem? You didn’t pay attention to the signs that it was time for new car brake parts; now, instead of slowing down, you’re greeted only by a terrible sound, a careening car, and the certain knowledge that you’re doomed.

Don’t let this happen to you. Know the signs that you need to take your car into the shop for brake pad and brake rotors replacement.

Three Definite Signs It’s Time for New Car Brake Parts

  1. You Hear a Terrible Grinding Sound When You Push the Pedal
  2. As HowStuffWorks writes, there are few more definite signs that you need new car brake parts than when you push down on the pedal and your car starts making terrible grinding sounds. If you hear this, it’s only a matter of time before your brakes stop working altogether.

  3. You Try to Brake, but You Can’t
  4. The worst way to find out you need new brakes is when you depress the pedal and nothing happens, as JD Power points out. Luckily, unless your brake line has been severed, your brakes are unlikely to stop working altogether. That being said, the longer you leave your brake rotors and pads in disrepair, the less effective your brake system will be overall.

  5. The Pedal Shutters When You Apply Pressure
  6. If your brake pedal starts to violently vibrate when you try to slow down, suggests Ebay, you need to get to an auto shop as soon as possible. This shuttering is caused by the brake pads as they fail to find purchase on your tires, a sign that they’re worn out.

Are you a mechanic? What are some other definite signs it’s time to replace your brake pads or brake rotors? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Get more on this here.

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