Three Super Essential Tips for Buying a Used Hybrid Car

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When it comes to buying a used car, more and more people are turning to hybrids, since they’ve been on the market for about 15 years and there are plenty of them on the market now. Buying a used hybrid isn’t necessarily the same as buying any other used car, and it’s important to shop carefully. Here are three basic tips for buying a used hybrid that should help you through the process.

1. Explore all of your options.
The first thing you should do if you know that you want a hybrid car is to look at all of your options. Do an internet search for hybrid cars for sale in your area within your price range. Don’t limit yourself to the hybrids you’ve heard of because many different car manufacturers have their own hybrid model.

2. Check out the hybrid battery warranty.
This tip is essential. When you get an idea of what make and model car you want, you’ll need to make sure that you look at the hybrid battery warranty. Electric batteries for cars can fail after just six years, but the warranty for them varies by state. Before you decide on what year car you want, find out what the warranty for your state is and take that into consideration. Car warranties are usually in years or miles (like 8 years/100,000 miles).

3. Do your homework.
It’s also essential to do your homework before you make your purchase just like buying any other car. Look into how good the fuel economy of the car is and price a battery replacement (since electric batteries for cars do fail). Look at the Kelley Blue Book value for the vehicle — it’s an accepted and trusted vehicle valuation service. If you can, get a Carfax for the car, which will document what work has been done to the car and when — this usually indicates whether or not the car had been in an accident.

Do you have any experience shopping for used hybrid vehicles? Feel free to share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below.
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