Three Ways Charter Bus Services Benefit Their Entire Communities

Author // NPR Car Talk
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Coach bus inside

Charter bus transportation has become incredibly popular in recent years, with millions of people using motorcoach companies for daily traveling and for traveling across the country on major trips.

But beyond the fast that modern coach buses are incredibly affordable and comfortable, there are a few other reasons why charter bus services are important — and it’s not so much about individual passengers, but about the national economy and the health of the environment:

  • Coach buses actually get the best gas mileage per passenger of any vehicle on the road today; whether you’re comparing coach buses to passenger airplanes or to single-person vehicles, it’s undeniable that motorcoaches simply have better fuel efficiency. The average coach bus today gets over 200 passenger miles per gallon, while single-passenger cars average about 30 passenger MPG.

  • The coach bus industry currently consists of about 3,400 businesses, which operate a total of over 33,000 buses at any given time. The most important part of these two numbers, though, is that the majority of these businesses — over 90% of them, in fact — are small independent businesses that operate just a handful of buses and that employ local residents in their communities. Let’s be honest: unemployment in the U.S. has been an issue for more than a few years — and when more businesses focus on helping their communities and providing employment opportunities, everyone benefits.

  • Speaking of the economy, charter bus services don’t just benefit their own local economies — they also benefit small communities in other regions whenever they transport a group of passengers. For every $1 invested into charter bus services, an additional $1.65 is generated, on average, for local economies; you’d be surprised by how much money is generated just for things like lodging, entertainment, and food when a group stays in a town overnight!

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