Three Ways to Deal with Car Dealers

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Over the past century, cars have become a staple of the modern American experience. Each year car models are getting sleeker, safer, and more efficient. Oil technology has also greatly improved over the past few decades, meaning fewer oil changes are necessary during the lifespan of a vehicle. This constant improvement in automobile technology, and the need to get from point A to point B, keeps consumers flocking to car dealerships every day.

But just because many of us are still buying cars doesn’t mean buying a car is necessarily easy or fun. The idea of buying a car stresses many people out, even if they’ve purchased a car in the past. Car salesmen and saleswomen are often outgoing, persuasive, and possibly pushy, and for those without a matching personality these interactions can be frightening and result in less than the best possible deal for us, the consumer.

So how can you enter a car dealership with confidence and clarity? How do you avoid getting seduced by that car dealer charm and instead decide for yourself what you want? Here are three tips:

1) Know What You Want, and What You’re Getting Into:

The Internet has made the car buying process a lot easier. Not only can you purchase cars online, but you can do tons of research on your own in order to find the right vehicle for you. Some websites break down each attribute of a car so you can customize what you’re looking for and come up with the closest matches. There are also plenty of reviews from real car owners to help inform you.

Beyond just researching the actual cars you’re interested in, look up nearby dealerships as well. Are they reliable? Respectable? What do previous customers have to say about the dealership and its dealers? Some honest opinions can go a long way in informing your decision.

2) Practice Your Best Poker Face:

Car saleswomen and men can spot an eager buyer from a mile away. So no matter how excited you may be to be purchasing your first car or the car of your dreams, don’t give yourself away so easily. If you do, chances are you’ll be more easily swayed into purchasing unnecessary extra features and more. The dealer might also assume you’ll be willing to pay more than you should be, so don’t let them know you’ll absolutely die if you can’t have this car or that one. Play it cool!

3) Avoid a Financing Fiasco:

Car dealerships want you to finance your vehicle with them. It’s as simple as that. They will make more money this way. But you aren’t forced to go through their bank, especially if you have a good credit rating. Before entering the dealership, visit your trusted bank or credit union and seek out the best interest rate you can find. This way, when the dealer tries to convince you to finance through them, you can counter with a better offer. Either you’ll get the better payment plan or the dealer with lower theirs to compete with your bank’s offer, meaning your rate may drop even lower. Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself when it comes to your money!

Buying or leasing a car is exciting, and it should be, but it can also come with a lot of stress. As long as you do your homework, remain neutral, and look out for yourself financially, you’ll walk away from that dealership feeling confident and ecstatic with your new purchase! Don’t let the car dealers scare you away from a great ride.

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