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Pre owned cars

If you are interested in the environment and looking at cars for sale, you might want to consider a Subaru. The car is named after the Pleiades star cluster and is the Japanese word for it. The star cluster was the inspiration for the Subaru logo. The cars are also manufactured with very recyclable materials, making it very environmentally friendly. Its end of life recycling ratio is 97.3%. These are practical cars that are fun to drive. So, if you have decided you want one, you have to find local Subaru dealers and check them out.

Tips for dealing with the dealer:

  1. Have a budget in mind. Before you go to one of the local Subaru dealers, go over your finances. See what you realistically can afford and decide what you want to spend. This may determine if you look at new or used Subaru inventory. You often get more for your money when you go with pre owned cars but then again, they may need more maintenance. Remember, the price of the car is not going to be your only cost.
  2. Talk to your bank. Most people need financing when they buy a car. The local Subaru dealers will have financing options for sure but you may want to check with your bank first anyway to see if they can offer you something better than the dealership.
  3. Do some research. Look online at different models. Think about what features you absolutely must have and ones you do not really need. This will help narrow down your choices when you go to local Subaru dealers. It will also help the salesperson suggest models they think will meet your needs.
  4. The car salespeople are not out to get you. If you are like most people, you have a mental image of salespeople descending on you like locusts. You may think they will not let you leave unless you buy something. That is just not true. They want to sell you something but they also want you to leave happy so you will tell your friends and relatives and Yelp!
  5. Do not be afraid to walk away. If you do not see a car you want, do not feel you have to buy anything from any of the local Subaru dealers. You are going to have this vehicle for a long time, you want it to be something you like. This also puts you in a better bargaining position.
  6. Look at a lot of the Subaru inventory. Do not just test drive one car or one model. Try out a few. See if you can envision yourself in any of the cars. How do they feel to drive? Ask whatever questions you have about the vehicle or the warranty or anything at all. The time you have with Subaru car dealers is the time to ask your questions.

Buying a car should be fun, not painful. Try to remember that when you go to the local dealership.

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