Tips to Keeping Your Car Healthy and Happy

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Americans love driving. We all love the freedom our cars and trucks give us. With summer coming, it is important that we keep them in the best shape possible. Here are some easy tips to keeping our vehicles in the best shape.

  1. Check your oil. We all know that our cars need decent oil to run properly. If your “check oil” light pops on, you should heed its advice and get your oil checked! You need to have an oil change done at about every 3,000 miles that you have driven in your vehicle. This typically amounts to once every three months. To check it, run the car for a bit, park on a level surface, shut your car engine off, use the dip stick to check the oil itself. You are looking for how the oil looks on the dipstick and how much is present. If you are low, you can add new oil. If it is dirty looking, you should have the oil changed along with the oil filter. As summer driving is harder on cars, make sure you check it before you take a summer vacation or other long trip.
  2. Check the tires. Maintaining proper tire pressure is not just a good thing, it is crucial to keeping our costs low. When our tires are kept at the appropriate pressure, we use less fuel and spend less on gas. Unfortunately, only 10% of us actually follow through on checking that our tires are inflated correctly, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Whether our tires are inflated too much or too little, not driving with tires at the right pressure can also be dangerous. Check the owner’s manual for your car and make sure your vehicle’s tires are inflated correctly. Also, remember that when the temperature goes up, it impacts the pressure of your tires. Your tire pressure goes up about one to two pounds per square inch for each 10 degree increase in the outside temperature. Keep from needing new tires by properly inflating the ones you have now.
  3. Check the Belts and Hoses. Checking your hoses and belts can prevent a breakdown. If when you check them, they appear worn, it is a lot easier and cheaper to just replace them rather than having them break down on the open road. As many as 20% of people on the road today have hoses or belts that need replacing. Make sure your hoses are supposed to be firm. Belts should be checked for any cracks.
  4. Check your oil filter. These need to be changed every 12,000 miles. When the oil filter is clogged, it will dramatically lower the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. You can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 10% when you replace a clogged or dirty oil filter. This more than pays for the costs associated with replacing the oil filter.
  5. Check your windshield wipers. The last thing you need is to be going through a summer storm with old and worn out wipers. Check them before the beginning of the summer and replace them if you need to. Make sure you replace the entire wiper. Many people only replace the part of the blade that is made of rubber. When you go to the sumo supply store, they can sell you the right wiper for the make and model of your vehicle. If you follow the instructions that come with the new windshield wipers, it should not be hard to replace yours with the new ones.
  6. Check you wax job. You should get your car waved twice a year. The wax protects your paint job, which is your car’s first defense agains the elements. Keeping it up is not just about how the car looks but will help keep it running properly. By keeping your car’s wax job done right, you can even cut down on fuel costs. A car’s fuel efficiency goes down when it has too much dirt or grime on it.

Keeping your cars healthy and happy does not cost a lot nor do you have to be an expert. Getting your vehicle ready for the season will ensure you have a great summer.

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