Top Three Reasons to Reconsider Motor Vehicles

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Motor oil matters

Countless scores of people ride on motor vehicles each day, often on a regular basis. Cars and planes have become a staple of modern-day life, but how much do you know about the cost they come with? Cars and buses are an amazing convenience, but just as with any convenience, this luxury comes at a price. Almost every motor vehicle vehicle pumps bulk motor oil through its mechanized veins to move, and the oil industry is problematic in and of itself. Is the cost we are asked to pay worth the convenience that the motor vehicle industry provides? That is a decision each motor-vehicle operator must ask themselves. Here are three reasons why you might want to think twice the next time you go to turn on your car:

1. It’s Toxic to the Environment

A common message that is touted as the main reason to avoid motor vehicles is their damage to the environment, so it might be the best place to begin. Aside from the cost of emissions for each vehicle, another major issue with vehicles is the issue of where its fluids go when they’ve reached the extent of their usefulness. There are companies that recycle motor oil into cruder oil that can be used for other purposes. With this method, the environment can breathe a little bit easier; however, an astounding two-hundred million gallons of bulk motor oil are dumped each year, contrary to eco-friendly laws. This oil often finds its ways to large bodies of water and forms thick films over the surface, blocking the sunlight and smothering all sorts of aquatic life from plants to frogs to fish. It’s important to be aware of whether the oil you’re buying is from motor oil suppliers that have recycling programs like this and, if it isn’t, to ensure your oil is going to an ecologically friendly place when you’ve exhausted its efficiency.

2. Not All Motor Oil is Ideal for Your Car

On that note, each year American drivers produce roughly 1.3 billion gallons of used bulk motor oil. Much of that oil does the job it was meant to do, but not as well as it could. Motor oil, when made properly, consists of very specific petroleum and non-petroleum chemicals. Not all motor oil is made perfectly up to standard, so it’s important to secure the best motor oil for your car by buying from a supplier with good API oil ratings. This leads to higher-quality performance with your car, motor oil that lasts longer, and ultimately less motor oil consumed over a period of time.

3. Using Too Much Oil is Bad for your Car

With all these negative facts regarding oil, it seems only fitting to mention that while it is important to find the highest-quality oil possible, it is equally important to use this oil in moderation. Using too much oil in a car at any one point in time can lead to the crankshaft dipping into and churning air into the oil, causing foaming and fluctuations in oil pressure. All of that adds up to one big headache for a mechanic. What do you think about the oil industry? Read more like this.

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