Tough Questions That Chevy and Other Car Dealerships Don’t Ever Want You to Ask

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Whether you’re buying that cherry red Chevy pick up truck you always wanted, an eco friendly electric Chevy car for sale, a reliable Toyota, a sleek and smooth Lexus, or a foreign luxury car, it’s extremely important to be an informed and well research buyer. Buying a new vehicle can really be a fun and exciting time, but all that fun, lighthearted energy can easily go right out the window once you realize your off the lot price is way, way higher than the too good to be true sticker price that was on the lot. This is exactly why patience truly is a virtue when it comes to preparing to buy a new car. Rushing into a decision can cost you thousands more than you wanted, even on an affordable, eco friendly Chevy!

Everyone has heard the saying about proper preparation preventing poor performance, and this sentiment is especially true when it comes to buying new and used cars from car dealerships. It all boils down to an intense and fierce game between the buyer and the Chevy dealer for example. The salesman is prepared, well rehearsed and eager to seal the deal while getting the best possible price for the dealership, which means you’re likely to get ripped off a few extra thousand. But you can easily counter his or hers predictable play by preparing and practicing ahead of time with research and questions.

Here are just a few questions you can ask to the seal the deal on your terms when it comes to buying a brand spankin’ new car like a Chevy.

Can the car be delivered?

This question is especially beneficial for internet car shoppers and buyers. If after asking all the questions you can ask and everything else looks and feels right in the deal but you still haven’t officially said yes, you can tack this question at the very, very end as an added perk. Just cooly and confidently inform the salesman that you have a deal if they’re willing to deliver the car. This personalized touch is way more convenient than sitting around a dealership and waiting for a new vehicle to be washed, gassed up, and prepared for launch with the new buyer. Why not chill at home or get some work done at the office and have the car delivered to you?

Here’s how delivery of a new vehicle goes down. A car dealership representative will arrive with your new vehicle — yay — and bring along printed contracts for you to sign. Car delivery is also a great way to avoid those annoying and desperate sale pitches from finance and insurance managers about extended warranties, other services and items, and yadda, yadda, yadda, etc,. And if you are interested in any of these extras, you can always call the finance manager and have him or her adjust the contract as needed.

So…yeah, how much is your doc fee?

And whoomp, there it is folks! This is one of the most aggravating questions you can a car salesman to really kill their vibe, blow up their spot, spill their tea, and shed light on a common but kind of shady practice a lot of auto sales dealers do; documentation fees. A documentation fee is literally fee that’s tacked on just for filling out the gosh darn contract. Say what? Say yeah, it’s true. Like, this is really a thing. While a documentation fee is a universal thing across car dealerships — regardless of whether it’s Chevy, Ford, or whoever — the amount of the fee itself will vary. Some states regulate doc fees and keep them below 100 bucks, while other states choose not and they can be upwards of $600 or more.

Why are there so many miles on the car?

Believe it or not it’s common for even brand spankin’ new vehicles to have a few miles on the odometer, but when it starts creeping up towards 300 miles, it’s time to negotiate a lower price. Finding out what’s on the odometer from the beginning enables you to work down towards a fairer price.

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