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Limo service in fresno

Many Americans use cars to get around. But these personal vehicles aren’t for everyone. If you live in a large city like New York or Chicago, where the streets are constantly flooded with traffic and frequently crossing pedestrians, it might not be worth it to invest in an automobile. If you work close to where you live you might also decide against getting a vehicle of your own. Whatever the reason, there are still several options available to get around town in comfort and style.

Shuttle Service.

A shuttle refers to any transportation vehicle that takes a group of people from one stop to another. These services can be found in all cities large and small, and schedules can usually be found online with a quick search. Typically a shuttle service refers to a bus or large van. However, there are other options for getting from point A to point B, depending on the occasion.

Limousine Service.

Though more expensive and exclusive than a typical shuttle, limousines provide stylish transportation. The U.S. limo and taxi industry annually generates about $11 billion of revenue. About half of the revenue from limo services is provided by businesses for their customers and clients. Still, the majority of limousine rental companies are small, holding an average of just five vehicles. This is why you probably don’t see many limousines out and about. But when you do, it’s hard to look away. And despite the relative scarcity of limousines, there are still over 130,000 of them in service in the U.S. today.

Limousines aren’t only good for business relations, they’re also commonly used to transport people to parties and other major events like proms, weddings, and galas. These luxury vehicles are functional but also make a statement. They aren’t the only way to make an entrance to a party, however.

Party Buses.

With a party bus, the party begins inside the vehicle itself! These shuttles are often decked out with neon lights, a powerful, bass-driven sound system, decorations, drinks, and more. These visually and audibly loud buses are often long like limousines but built taller and with more heft like a standard bus. Party buses are great options for bachelor or bachelorette parties. There are even party buses for kids, some of which house miniature playgrounds, bounce houses, video games, ball pits, and more!

However you choose to get around, there are several options available, some more fun and stylish than others!

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