Truck Bedliners Why Spray On Bedliners Could Be The Right Option

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Sprayed bed liner

Many fail to realize exactly how popular pickup trucks have become in the United States. When you think about it, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Trucks are convenient and easy to maintain. They also bring a lot to the table, both on a practical and aesthetic level. Some like pickup trucks simply because of the personality and charm they offer. Those are just some of the reasons why for every eight cars sold in the U.S. in 2013, one was a full-sized truck. 90% of those trucks sold, of course were made by Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford. Those sales only grew in August 2015, jumping up by 8%. Indeed, of all cars sold in the U.S. since 1982, the most popular has been the Ford F-150. As such, there is a major clientele of people who own trucks, and there is one thing that they all have in mind when it comes to the care and keeping of their vehicles: truck beds. Truck beds are perhaps one of the defining parts of a truck, and certainly the most useful. But in order to use a truck bed properly, it needs to be protected by a truck bedliner. And the fact is that while temporary bedliners exist, they do not compare to the convenience and durability of spray on bedliners. Below, we’ll explore the advantages of using spray on bedliners, and why they are favored by many truck owners and dealers.

1. Durability

It goes without saying that spray on bedliners are more durable than temporary bedliners. After all, temporary bedliners are meant to be removed eventually, while spray on bedliners are meant to be permanent. The durability of a spray bedliner needs to be taken into consideration. The fact is that people use truck beds for a number of reasons, some safer and more advised than others. Most commonly, truck beds are used to transport cargo. In some cases, the cargo involved could do a great deal of damage to the truck bed. A liner applied with a bedliner spray gun can take a beating, and it’s also less likely to allow for skids and slips. This means that for those who transport people or animals in their truck beds — even if they shouldn’t — there is more comfort and less chance of any accidents.

2. Variety In Types And Applications

One of the other qualities of these truck bedliners is that they aren’t applied in one single way — nor are they always made out of a single material. Often, truck bedliners are made from polyurethane. Really, they are typically derived from two different classes of material applied through two different methods. The two different classes of material used are aromatic and aliphatic. As for the two different application methods — those are the low pressure process, done with no heat, and the heated, high pressure process. Usually, polyurethane is applied from 1/16th inch to four inches, depending on the application process. Usually, thinner coatings are less likely to chip and crack. However, thicker coatings are more likely to ruin the shape of the truck bed. The application of polyurethane serves the dual purpose of adding durability through preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from deteriorating OEM paint. As it happens, it also allows for the anti-slip and anti-skid surface that people like.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

A great advantage of using spray on bedliners rather than temporary bedliners is the aesthetic appeal. Often, temporary bedliners look temporary. And as strange as it may seem, truck owners do take a lot of pride in the appearance of their trucks — including the truck beds. Not only will a spray on bedliner protect the actual appearance of the truck bed; it will also look a lot better than a temporary bedliner. This is a particularly important consideration for those who wish to show their trucks.

If you’re looking to protect your truck’s appearance and quality, don’t hesitate to use this product.

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