What is a Car Breathalyzer and Why Should I Get One?

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If you’ve never thought about why to install a car breathalyzer in your own vehicle, there are some really good reasons to consider doing so. First, you should know what a car breathalyzer is, and then consider three important reasons for having one of an ignition interlock device of this sort installed on your car.

What is a Car Breathalyzer?

These devices, also known as ignition interlock, require that the driver of a car blow into a car breathalyzer before the car will start. The blood alcohol level of the person using it must register well below the legal limit–often 0.03% or lower–or the car will not start. Many of these devices also require the driver to do a re-test fifteen minutes into any trip, and at random intervals after. If any of those re-tests fail, the car will begin flashing its lights, while the horn and alarm go off until the driver pulls over.

Why Get a Car Breathalyzer? To Protect Your Kids

Drivers under the age of 25 are at the most risk of drinking and driving. This is a double whammy of issues, because not only do these drivers have much less experience with cars, but they also have less personal experience with how much they can drink and what alcohol does to them. They are not only more likely to drink and drive; they are also more likely to die in a crash than any other age group. Interlock installation allows you to loan your car to your kids, assured that they’ll never be able to drive it while it impaired by drink.

Why Get a Car Breathalyzer? To Protect a Company Vehicle

A lot of people, including a lot of people who drive a company vehicle, aren’t aware that there’s a lower blood alcohol limit for any commercial drivers. Installing an ignition interlock device on all company cars not only protects these valuable pieces of company property but also protects your employees.

Why Get a Car Breathalyzer? To Protect Yourself

It can be frighteningly easy to misjudge how much you’ve had to drink. Blood alcohol levels at any moment are affected by a lot of things, including how quickly you drank, what you’d eaten before or during drinking, your precise body size: even temperature has an effect. Maybe you just want peace of mind that you’ll never even have to worry about whether you had one too many, or if you should have waited an extra hour before getting behind the wheel. A car breathalyzer can give you that peace of mind.

What if I Want to Remain Discreet?

This is also possible, with devices like the interlock cup, which disguises the interlock ignition system as a simple travel cup. The driver blows into the “straw” and the car can go. Something like the interlock cup can also protect an expensive interlock ignition device from the casual passing thief.

Most of these car breathalyzers are installed in the vehicles of people who’ve been convicted of a DUI or DWI, on a judge’s order. They are, however, very effective, and more and more people are putting them in voluntarily to protect themselves, their kids, their employees, and even their property. If you’re interested in safety for you and your family, it might be worth looking into getting a car breathalyzer for yourself.

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