What Might Happen if You Drive Drunk

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Drunk driving might very well be one of the largest acts of selfishness on the planet. While you don’t mind to hurt anyone else, you probably aren’t thinking of anyone else, including yourself. You aren’t thinking of how you could possibly be hurt and how your family might pay the consequences, of how you could potentially hurt others and their families, of how you’ll mess up your car, driving record and so much more. However, if you were drunk driving and have been caught, then not all hope is lost. If you can learn from this mistake then the good thing is, you’ll never do it again. Your life is not over if you’ve gotten a DUI. There are car breathalyzers called ignition interlock devices that can be installed to help your cause as well as other factors. Here are a few ways that you might be able to lower the consequences of your actions.

Ignition Interlock Systems
Even if no one gets hurt, your car is not damaged and everything seems fine, if you get charged with a DUI, your insurance premiums are going to sky rocket. You also may have your license suspended which you will need to pay for in order to be able to drive again. However, if you want to get on your insurance company’s good side again, talk to them about an ignition interlock device that connects to your starter. You will have to blow into the device before you start your car and after the car has been idling for a period of time. This is to ensure that you do not have alcohol on your breath while driving the vehicle. After having that in your car for a period of time- usually six months to a year, your insurance company might be willing to lower your premiums again. Keep in mind that you will have to pay out of pocket for the breathalyzer.

Community Service
If you cannot afford to pay fines and the situation does not warrant jail time, your lawyer may be able to talk to you down to community service. You will likely have a lot of hours that you will have to volunteer at fund raisers, clean ups, church events, charity organizations, soup kitchens and other court approved functions. As long as you do your hours and get your papers signed off by whoever is in charge, you’ll be let off far more easily than you could have been. Be thankful for that.

Payment Plans
There is the possible of being able to pay off your fines in parts. Getting a DUI usually requires the offender to pay an extremely large sum. You probably are not able to afford this all in one chunk so your lawyer may be able to talk to the court about granted you a period of time in which you can pay off your fine. You’ll be given a specific amount per month that you will be responsible for paying. If you default, the plan will be voided and you’ll be required to pay the fine in full or face another consequence like jail.

Lessened Jail Time and Fines
If you have a good lawyer and this is your first offence, you will probably have to spend only a few nights in jail, if any at all. Your fines will probably be lowered as well if your lawyer knows how to petition the court properly. This is all in order to give you a chance to clean up your life again. Take advantage of the opportunity and do not just throw it away.

If you end up with one of the above consequences, consider yourself extremely lucky. Being able to get an ignition interlock device instead of years in jail is a great trade off. Especially if you hurt someone because of your indiscretions, think of them when you start wanting to complain about your barely-there consequences. Learn from this experience and try to change. If you need to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or see a therapist, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Whatever you need to do to make sure that you never make the same mistake again is crucial to becoming a better person for the future.

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