When It Comes to Car Choices, Going Used Could Be a Good Decision

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Owning a  used car

People are keeping their cars longer, with the average car in the U.S. being 11 years old. That’s partly due to the fact that cars are being made better these days and last longer. It’s also due to the fact that new cars are getting more and more expensive. Despite the trend of owning cars longer, new car sales had continued to increase several years in a row up until 2017, when they declined slightly. However, people need to buy a new vehicle eventually, and a good alternative can be a used car.

While the prices for new cars have been increasing steadily, the prices for used cars have actually been on the decline. According to the The National Automobile Dealers Association, used car prices fell about 7% from 2014 to 2016. This is partly due to heavy discounting that went on in the years after the recession as well as large sales of fleet vehicles. The Kelley Blue Book is a good source to get ideas on what used car prices are.

Cars won’t last forever, and at some point you are going to have to get a new or newer car. There are several advantages to buying used cars instead of new ones.

One of the biggest advantages is price. New cars depreciate up to 30% in their first year, which means you can get a relatively new car for a considerable discount. One good place to look is for cars that have just come off of a lease. Most leases are only two or three years and they limit the miles, usually to 12,000 miles per year or less, so it is possible to get a car that is in excellent shape with low miles and pay a huge discount. When looking at used cars, be sure to research the model and get a price estimate from the Kelley Blue Book or another source to ensure you are getting a good price.

Another advantage to buying used cars is options. If you want options such as heated leather seats or a lane-avoidance system, you might not be able to afford them in newer cars, but you can find many of these options in used cars.

One additional advantage of looking for used cars is a wider range from which to choose. You will have many more options, including price ranges, when looking at used cars then when looking at new cars. You also will have a wider variety of dealers to choose from.

When looking for a used car, it is important to take a “buyer beware” attitude. Check the Kelley Blue Book or another price guide to ensure the price is fair. Check out the dealer, by doing online research and asking friends and family for opinions. And have the car checked out by an independent mechanic, even if it costs you money to do so.

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