When Was the Last TIme That You Went on a Family Vacation?

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You have had many trips. You have stayed many places. You have enjoyed many of them. You would rather forget a few of them. You are now, however, at a time in your life when you have the time to travel without being on a schedule, time to visit all of the little stops that catch your attention, time to stay an extra day or two if you want.
Although your previous years were spent traveling on tight schedules and complicated itineraries, staying at expensive hotels and eating at all of the restaurants that the travel books recommended, you now have a different plan. With a motorhome stocked with all of the necessary camper accessories, you are now traveling on a more relaxed schedule and with far fewer rules.
Where Would You Travel to If You Had All of the Time in the World?
For some people, expensive hotel fees and long waits for a restaurant reservations are alright. For others, however, this traditional and expensive way of travel is far from ideal. Instead, these travelers want to set their own schedule, be in control of their own budget, and enjoy the places that are often the less traveled.
A small, simple campground in Colorado. If there is anything more majestic than the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you are not sure what they would be. With the latest purchase you made at the RV Super Center and a traveling kitchen full of the necessary camping accessories, you could camp at the base of this mountain forever.
With a day hike in any direction, you can start your adventure early in the morning and return to your home away from home by the early or late afternoon. With a simple choice between cooking around the campfire or cooking in the used travel camper, you have a list of favorite meals that you love to eat when you are on the road.
An everything included camping resort in Phoenix. Sometimes you want to be able to enjoy a warm location when your permanent house is in engulfed in temperatures that are for days far too cold. When you take your and your retired friends used camper trailers to a warm location for the winter you may not want to drive far from the opportunity to golf and to play tennis. Instead, you are looking for a location that is all inclusive and provides you with the opportunities to relax and catch up with our gang.
With RVs full of all the possible camper accessories, you can never stay where you are for days at a time. Even when you need new groceries, the local store will likely have what you need. If not, you can probably check with your camping neighbor for either groceries or any needed camper accessories.
A beachside campground in North Carolina. The sound of the waves. The beautiful sunrises. The trees. The seashells. The fishing. The golf. With affordable pontoon boats and fishing and camper accessories, a beachside campground allows you to fish in the morning, float in the afternoon, and sit by the campfire in the evening.
Relaxing on a beach is the perfect way to enjoy a family vacation or a celebration event like a wedding anniversary. With a schedule that is dictated by nothing than the sunrises and sunsets, a beachside RV camp is a paradise on wheels for those who choose to participate.
Camping Is a Family Vacation That Everyone Will Remember
Whether you buy a brand new model or you make your selection from used campers for sale, camping is an opportunity for families who want to unplug and reconnect with each other. In addition to enjoying time together, though, another major advantage to this kind of vacation is the economics of it. In fact, a recent survey found evidence that for family of four traveling by RV on vacation can save somewhere between 23% and 59% on their vacation expenses.
As camping continues to increase in popularity, a 2014 American Camper Report shows that 40.1 million Americans, or 14%, of the U.S. population over age six went camping in 2013. Are you ready to start making your plans and details for your next family vacation?

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