Where Does Your Construction Company Find the Track Wear Bars That You Need?

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Typically, a track wear bar includes a joint or bushing that pivots, at each end. Even with movement, however, these moving parts still experience wear. In many cases these track wear bars may not be serviceable, and instead, may require complete replacement of the complete track bar. Finding the correct replacement will get your machine, whether it be a utility vehicle or a road cleaning piece of heavy machinery, back on the road as soon as possible. finding a replacement part that is identical to the original equipment at an affordable price is the key to many companies, both public and private government.
Whether your company is looking to replace grouser skid steer dozer blades or a set of tipping bars, you are basically looking for three important factors:

  • Can you find a part that fits exactly and matches perfectly?
  • Can the part be delivered quickly?
  • Can yo expect this part to last as long as industry standards dictate?

When your company is looking for a necessary part like a grouser track bolts and bushings, it can feel like you are a lone wolf searching for a rare resource. In reality, however, when it comes to large construction or road equipment parts, there is an entire industry that is working to meet the needs of companies across the country:

  • Too tight tracks can wear up to three times faster than tracks that are correctly adjusted.
  • A two inch sag for track chains average when an average straight edge is laid across the grousers to the grouser tip.
  • 28% of crawler dozer owners spend more than the purchase price on repairs over the lifetime of a machine, according to a 2008 survey.
  • 21% of worldwide revenue in North America in 2014 was accounted for by construction equipment purchases.
  • Dozers typically use single grousers, those that only have one tooth. The two teeth models are called double grousers, and are typically used for loaders. Triple teeth grousers are used on excavators.
  • $687 billion was spent by private construction companies in the year 2014.
  • With expenditures exceeding $900 billion, the U.S. has the second largest construction market in the world.

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