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Auto repair services

Are you the type of guy who is really proud of their vehicle? Maybe you love car detailing or working to make your engine the best that it can be. If this sounds like you then you probably know the importance of having a good auto and collision repair shop. Here are a few things to remember about finding a quality auto and collision repair shop in your area:

1. Cost - Depending on what area of the United States you live in, the average car repair costs anywhere from $375 to $423. As a car owner you know that the cost of auto repair services varies wildly based on exactly what needs to be fixed. For instance, in 2014 the most expensive repair was transmission assembly which cost approximately $6,400. Of course not all general auto and collision repair services will cost that much, but every once in a while they will. That is why it is so important that the shop you choose has fair pricing. Be sure to get a second or third opinion on a job before choosing the auto and collision repair shop you will go with.

2. Availability - We have all been in the situation where an auto emergency occurs on the weekend, holiday, or on vacation. If the problem isn’t one that you can fix yourself then you’ll need an auto shop to step in and help. Unfortunately, tons of auto shops across the country are not open on weekends or holidays which causes lots of trouble. Make sure your local auto and collision repair shop is open when you need them!

3. Perks - Whether you are taking your car in for a auto detail cleaning service or a brand new transmission installation – you should be treated as a VIP. Ask about the perks your local auto shop offers. Maybe they can throw in a free car wash or come and pick you up when your car is ready to be taken home? Nearly 8 million vehicles are washed at car washes every day, why shouldn’t one of those be yours? You never know until you ask!

Keeping your car in good shape is more than a hobby – for the majority of Americans it’s a necessity. We need our cars to commute to and from work, to tote our families around, to travel, etc. The next time you are in need of auto and collision repair remember to think about the cost, availability, and perks that they can offer you. You’ll be glad you did!

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