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Are you looking to purchase a new car? Is this your first time purchasing a family car instead of a personal car? It is common for most families to eventually need two cars. In fact, this is the average number of cars per household. The only difference is when you only had yourself to worry about, selecting a new car only involved you. You did not have to be concerned for the wellbeing of your family, and you did not need to consider all the needs and car requirements that come along with trying to find a family car at an auto dealer. Now that your needs, requirements and budget may have changed significantly since the last time you purchased a car, you may not know where to begin.

Want some advice on what family friendly vehicles you can add to your list of consideration at the auto dealer? Keep reading to find out what features to be on the look-out for and what types of cars are best for families.

When you think about what your family-friendly car requirements are in comparison to your own personal car, what comes to mind? For your personal car, you probably need a car, SUV or truck that gets you to and from your job, can hold enough of your belonging to head to the gym or on a weekend trip, and one that fits within your budget depending on where you are at in your life. For your first family vehicle, the list is actually somewhat similar. The biggest difference is, the amount of room you will need increases, as well as your preference for car safety, car reliability and car durability.

To give you a better example of what you may need your family car for, those who participated in a survey for CarGurus in 2016 claimed that transporting their kids? sports and activities equipment ranked high at 45 percent. Next in line came the need for a car to fit things for babies like an infant stroller at 33 percent. Following that came the possible need to drive around with pets in the car at 31 percent. Traveling to a vacation home came second to last in importance with 29 percent, and taking the family on a camping trip came in last with 27 percent.

Once you run through that list and ask yourself how each of those items ranks for you, you can start to get a better idea of what type of family vehicle you need from an auto dealer. You will also want to consider car safety, reliability and durability because the car will have more passengers moving in and out after school, sports and on the weekends. The car is likely to get dirtier quicker and will need to be able to stand up to anything a kid might be able to do to it.

GMC cars from General Motors is generally ranked one of the better dealership when it comes to family-friendly vehicles and vehicles that are safe and reliable. This should not come as much of a surprise given that in 2015, General Motors was able to sell around 9.8 million vehicles total. Whether those were first time purchases at a GMC dealership or those were returning GMC customers, GMC is able to provide quality cars that meet demands.

Many of their cars even receive annual awards and recognition for different features. One of the cars that was ranked one of the best family cars in 2014 by Autotrader.com was the 2013 Buick Enclave. If you are looking for a great place to start your family vehicle search, try visiting your local GMC dealership to check out the Buick Enclave or one of their other recognized cars or SUVs that are family-friendly and reliable.

Don?t forget to include your children in the search and the discussion. Around 57 percent of parents who were involved in a study for The Family Room claimed they preferred to keep their kids involved in the process of purchasing a family car.

Have you found a new family-friendly car or SUV to purchase at an auto dealer? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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