Why Choosing a Subaru Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Are you looking for a dependable vehicle that will last you for years, look sleek, come with advanced technology, and has high safety ratings? You don’t need to look any further than at a Subaru inventory. A Subaru inventory, whether it’s a Subaru used inventory or a lot full of new Subarus, will surely have the type of vehicle that you’ve come been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for a family car, a traveling car, or a car that handles well in the weather, a Subaru will be just the car for you. If you’re still skeptical, go talk to your local Subaru dealer and check out their Subaru inventory — he or she is sure to be able to give you all the facts, safety ratings, and customer reviews to convince you. And here are some facts about Subaru that might just change your mind right now!
The Subaru Story
Although Subaru isn’t an American brand, it’s one of the most popular brands available on the market today. In 2014, it made the top 10 list for the best-selling car brand in America. It’s created by the manufacturing sector of Fuji Heavy Industries, which is the Japanese transportation conglomerate. In 2011, it was the 26th largest automaker globally. It’s known for creating fun and practical vehicles for consumers to drive and has stellar safety ratings. It’s recognized for the boxer engine layout that is typical of most vehicles it turns out.
The name “Subaru” comes from the Japanese word for the Pleiades star cluster — something you’ll see on all their vehicles, since it’s the logo. The first Subaru was called the Subaru 1500 and came out in 1954. The first Subaru company was introduced to Philadelphia in 1968, just 14 years after it emerged in Japan.
Why Should I Want to Own a Subaru?

  • Safety
  • As many Subaru car dealers could tell you, many families especially are attracted to Subarus because of their high safety ratings. This year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave Subaru seven IIHS Top Safety Picks! Incredibly enough, Subaru is the only manufacturer with cars on the road that has gotten this award for all of its vehicles for six years running (from 2010-2015). New technology is constantly being introduced to new models to improve safety for drivers and passengers alike.

  • Environmentally Conscious

It was a Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, that was the first auto assembly plant to claim the amazing status of being a zero landfill plant. And even at the end of a Subaru’s life, the materials that compose the car are so highly recyclable that it has a 97.3% recycling ratio! They’ve also introduced local initiatives and have partnered with local parks. Now how’s that for trying to reduce a carbon footprint?

  • Up With the Times
  • Subarus have fantastic technological additions in their latest models, featuring BlueTooth, GPS devices, their own app, and ways to sync your iPod or other music devices into the car and play music, video content, or other entertainment options through the car speakers. It’s also got smart cameras to help you back up and a design meant to make you feel as comfortable in your vehicle as you would be at home! Climate control that runs automatically will keep you at just the right temperature, whether it’s a scorcher of a day or absolutely freezing! And a new keyless device feature saves you if you’ve left your keys at home (again) and keeps you from having to take your keys out of your bag on a frigid day.

  • Value
  • Kelley’s Blue Book named Subarus as the vehicle that has the lowest cost to own. It also has the best resale value, according to them. Consumer Reports labeled the Subaru Legacy and Subaru Forester as two of the best cars for the money spent in 2015 and had the best selling all wheel drive vehicles for six years in a row, according to IHS Automotive.
    How could you not want to choose a Subaru as your next vehicle? Make the right choice and head down to your local Subaru dealer to check out their Subaru inventory.

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