Why Should I Buy A Used Car Instead Of A New Car?

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There’s nothing quite like having your own car. After all, you get the luxury of independence while saving significantly on time. Essential for parents, students and people with busy schedules! But why spend an excess of money on a new model when you can get a used car for half the price and virtually the same quality? This is where used car dealerships come into play. The best car buying experience is one that takes into account all factors of the buying process, from long-term financing to buying from reputable dealers. Below are some useful tips to help you get started so you can get the car of your dreams as soon as possible!

Should I Buy Used Or New?

One of the most common questions asked by first-time buyers. Even second-time buyers! While new cars are rather shiny and will look good in polite company, a used car will do all that and then some — their lower prices just as competitive as their quality, creating a combination that has become increasingly hard to beat. According to a 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report, there have been at least 40 million used vehicle-sales industrywide. This is widely considered the best annual tally in eight years!

How Common Are Used Cars?

Did you know the average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime? In fact, between private-party and dealership sales nearly 40 million used cars have exchanged hands year after year. Some studies estimate that one out of three cars on the open road are used, making this one of the most popular options by a landslide. New cars are nice, but a car that functions just as well for a lower price is even better!

What Price Range Is Right For Me?

Used car dealerships will provide you a variety of price ranges to choose from, allowing you to spend more time searching for your ideal car instead of worrying about a budget. The most frequently searched price range for a used vehicle online is around $5,000 — prices at dealerships will average more than $31,000 for a new vehicle, by comparison, while even the most expensive used car won’t go past $17,000 or so. If you’re concerned about pricing in the long-term, used car dealerships can even help you with long-term payments.

Will An Auto Sales Shop Help With Financing?

You’ll want to buy from a used auto dealer rather than an individual so you can take advantage of all the resources they have to offer. The total costs of financing a vehicle aren’t just the initial payment and insurance fees — you need to compare different payment plans so you can ensure you don’t accidentally break your budget in the long-term. A 36-month, or three year plan, will have a different overall cost and monthly payments than a 60-month and 5-year credit purchase. Remember that some insurance plans will also give you discounts for regular safe driving habits!

Where Should I Get Started?

The most important step to getting started…is getting started! Don’t let cold feet get in the way of the car you deserve. After all, it’s a buyer’s market that’s only getting more competitive as people around the country seek out an ideal car for their lifestyle and budget. Virtually all automotive dealerships will offer the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience through either on-site or in-person offerings — in fact, the average auto dealership will have anywhere from five to 10 different banks or finance companies on hand ready to offer you solid rates and financial advice. What are you waiting for? Round up your credit score and start browsing the market for the car you’ve always wanted.

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