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There are so many car models available now, it’s hard to decide what model or brand will be right for you or your family. Each company has excellent advertising and similar safety and efficiency claims. How do you choose? However, one car manufacturer has seen an upswing in popularity recently–that of Subaru. Both Subaru dealers locally and nationally have been seeing an increase in sales. Subarus have good longevity and dependability report.
Learning A Little About Subarus
The Subaru originates from Japan and is made in the automobile manufacturing department of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), which is a transportation conglomerate. In fact, in 2011, FHI received the ranking as the 26th largest automaker internationally, in terms of production. FHI has been around for a long time though, starting in 1915. It’s original name was the Aircraft Research Laboratory. The first Subaru was called the Subaru 1500, produced in 1954. The Subaru’s name comes from a rather romantic source–the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster. This has become the car’s logo and can be found on every Subaru vehicle. The first Subaru was called the Subaru 1500. It came to America in 1968, when an American division of Subaru was begun in Philadelphia. Since then, Americans have come to know and love the Subaru name.
Why Are Subarus So Popular?
Subaru dealers locally and nationally can attest to the numerous good qualities of the Subaru model and offer customers a wide variety of Subaru vehicles from the Subaru inventory. Subaru car dealers often sell customers on the “family car” style of the Subaru, with roomy trunks, practical and easy-to-use systems, and comfortable seats. They’re also technology-friendly–the newer models all come equipped with Bluetooth, satellite, HD radio, GPS navigation, and USB ports.
Looking in a Subaru used inventory is also more reliable than looking at other used car brands–you can find Subarus safely running on the road at 100,000 miles or even more! For parents looking for a first car for their kids, Subarus can be a great choice, given their dependability, longevity, and stellar safety ratings. Did you know, for instance, that The Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded Subaru more Top Safety Picks in 2014 than any other car model running?
Additionally, Subaru has a great pitch for environmentally friendly customers, since they’ve tried hard to greatly cut down their carbon footprint. They’ve implemented “zero-landfill plants” since 2004 to build their vehicles in. Zero-landfill plants simply turn the waste they produce into electricity or recycles it. The plant in Lafayette, Indiana was the first assembly plan to be able to say they achieved zero-landfill status. Subaru also takes care to ensure the cars are environmentally-friendly after their road life is over. Their recycling ratio rate for scrapped vehicles is 97.3%, because they use highly recyclable materials all over the car to build it in the first place.
If you visit Subaru dealers locally, they are sure to give you this information and much more. Be sure to ask them which model they recommend for your lifestyle–the Subaru Forester is great for families, while the Subaru Outback is great for people who are active. Subarus are both fun and practical to drive–the best of both worlds!

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