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Your business might offer corporate relocation service, but does it have a company lined up for car transport services? If it is your intention to make relocation simpler for your business, and your current or future employees, then having a vehicle shipping service on hand is an incredible asset. Besides the fact that many of these services can offer same day pickup, expedited delivery, door to door service, a dedicated counselor, and rental car provision, there are other key benefits to having a good company ready to go when one of your employees needs to relocate. Here are the two big reasons.

Offering vehicle transport may attract new hires.

Being able to offer relocation services to new employees might be seen as a very desirable perk. You may have a corporate relocation specialist on hand that will help the new employee find a new place to live, but how will they be getting their car to their new home? If you offer to handle vehicle transport, and advertise that fact, many employees will see the benefit in being able to have their vehicle brought to their new city without adding to its mileage, or wear and tear.

Auto moving for current employees can save your business money.

If you maintain a number of offices in the United States, and one executive needs to move for temporary relocation, do the accountants and business managers immediately start to lament the reimbursements, before they even come in? Consider that corporate relocation services for vehicles are generally less expensive than the cost of gas that would be required for your employee to drive that vehicle themselves. Rather than reimburse your employees for what could be a very lengthy trip, consider specialized transportation services. Car transport companies are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation to have liability and cargo insurance, so you can be sure that what is good in theory is also good in practice.

While those are the two big reasons, a third that you should consider is that if you are not prepared, vehicle transport can take months. Your corporate relocation service should have a vehicle transportation company chosen well ahead of time to avoid a situation where your new employee is forced to rent a car, or use public transportation while they start learning their way around their strange new city. If the accountants and business managers are still concerned, you can point them towards online car shipping cost calculators. Ultimately, any executive at your business will be able to see that adding car shipping to your corporate relocation services is beneficial to everyone involved.

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