Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be a Used Car

Author // NPR Car Talk
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Used trucks anchorage

There are an estimated 126,097 dealerships offering used cars for sale currently located inn the United States. Every year, this industry generates an estimated $101 billion in revenue and continues to grow: from 2011 to 2013 there was a 4.4.% increase in used car sales. But what could be responsible for this popularity in an auto market that is constantly releasing new car models? If you compare used cars with new models, the advantages of buying used cars becomes clear: used cars typically offer more value for better prices, making them a useful choice for many potential car owners.

An estimated 40.5 million used cars were sold in the United States during 2012. The average price of these used vehicles was $14,375, making it a simple matter to find affordable used cars. However, the value of used cars in relation to their prices makes it just as easy to find the car you want at a cost you can afford: an estimated 57% of the used cars sold in the U.S. are popular models like sedans or compact cars, and almost 50% of the used vehicles available for sale come with air conditioning and other amenities. This high value is related to the high depreciation rate associated with new cars: because of the new car models that are constantly being released, vehicles become outdated quickly and practically lose value simply by driving off the dealer’s lot. As a result, used cars between two to four years old often have comparatively high values while still being offered at low used car prices.

An average of an estimated 3.3 million used vehicles are for sale at any point in the United States. Because of this, buying used cars you want at a price you can afford is easy. Visit a used car dealership today to find used cars that fit your needs and your budget. Find more on this here:

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