Windshield Repair vs Replacement Which is Right for Me?

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Windshield repair tucson

A windshield is a very important part of your car. Many drivers only think of a windshield as a giant front window for a vehicle. However, the windshield is extremely important for the structural integrity of a car. A windshield that isn’t in optimal condition makes surrounding structures weaker. When windshield problems strike, there are generally two options: repairing or replacing. In this post, you will understand when to replace a windshield and when it only needs repairs.

When to Repair a Windshield

There are a few determining factors to help decide if your windshield only needs a repair. A windshield repair is suitable for conditions where cracks have not become too out of control. A repair is more likely to be done if there is only a single crack on your windshield. Multiple cracks often have a great chance of spiraling out of control.

Next, you will want to check the length of the crack. Many windshield repair companies will be able to repair a crack that is up to three inches in length. A crack that is in a straight line has a better chance of being repaired. If left untreated, small cracks can often become larger ones. In addition, if a windshield crack is too large, replacement may be the only option.

Another important concern to be on the lookout for is where the crack is located. A windshield repair is more likely to be done if the crack is not within direct eyesight of the driver.

When Replacement is the Better Option

A windshield replacement service will need to be called if a crack has gotten out of control. Glass is a material that is very hard to predict how it will behave. A small crack can branch out into a larger problem within five minutes or five months.

You don’t your cracked windshield to obstruct your view when driving. The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standards recommends replacing a windshield if either the damage is over an inch in diameter or if the crack is in the viewing area of the driver.

A windshield with multiple cracks will often require a repair. An auto glass repair company will usually advise replacing a windshield if repairs are made within four inches of each other. In some cases, having a windshield replaced is less expensive than multiple repairs. Windshield with many cracks, no matter how small, are often better off being entirely removed from a vehicle. You don’t to want to have a few cracks taken care of, only to worry about the rest that were not.

In summary, there are differences between needing to repair instead of replace a windshield. One determining factor is how many cracks are present. A windshield with a single crack is often easy to have repaired. Vehicles that have windshields with deep or multiple cracks are usually better off being replaced. The location of cracked glass is another important factor to consider. A windshield replacement is often mandatory if the view of the driver is obscured.

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