You Can Contribute To A Greener Planet By Being Smarter About Buying Motor OIl

Author // NPR Car Talk
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Many of us don’t think twice about the motor oil that we put into our cars. The fact is that when we go to buy motor oil, we are making a big decision. The decision of we make when we buy motor oil has ramifications on the environment that reach far. When you buy motor oil at your engine oil change places, get a recycled motor oil from your motor oil suppliers. A recycled motor oil is the best motor oil.

Motor oil reduces friction in your engine and allows your car to start more easily every time you start it. This helps your engine to stay in better shape and last longer. Many of us know the plastic bottles motor oil comes in from when we go to buy motor oil. Many people have forgotten that motor oil once cam in glass bottles or metal cans. This was only changed as recently as the 1980s. Motor oil is a big part of keeping your car engine running smoothly.

The best way to buy motor oil, is to buy a motor oil that is recycled. This is because motor oil is made from petroleum byproduct or a synthetic compound. This can use a lot of crude oil to make motor oil for all the cars on the road. Many people don’t realize that their motor oil can be recycled, allowing it to be repurposed into more motor oil. The EPA estimates that 200 million gallons of motor oil are improperly disposed of every year. Additionally, 50% of motor oil in Europe is recycled. This compares to only 10-15% int he United States. It is clear that we need to do more to recycle our motor oil.

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