You may be Wondering What is Roush?

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If you have heard the term, you may be wondering what is Roush? Roush is short for Roush Performance, which is an American automotive company that specializes in manufacturing high performance components for racing. The company was founded in 1995 by Jack Roush, and his focus is engineering parts for street and competitive racing.

Roush currently produces aftermarket parts for Ford vehicles. This means they do not come standard on any of the vehicles, but can be added after the fact to make the vehicle more equipped for racing. There are select Ford dealership that will sell select vehicles outfitted with Roush parts. In addition to the Ford f-150, there are roush mustang stage 1, roush mustang stage 2, and roush mustang stage 3 available through select car dealers.

Although his primary business is high performance parts, Roush does other things as well. For example, he creates propane conversion kits for the F-150 and for school buses. There are many different applications for some of the roush engineered parts, so when someone asks what is roush? You can provide a range of responses. However, the bottom line is roush creates high performance parts for a range of vehicles.

Roush modifications to the Ford vehicles are done in Livonia, Michigan, where they have a manufacturing facility. The variety of upgrades available through this facility include suspension, interior, body, and engine. There are packages available for the coupe and convertible models, so owners have plenty of options available to them.

The market for roush enhanced vehicles is growing as the interest in racing has grown over recent years. Even those that do not actively race enjoy the high performance upgrades to their vehicles. While expensive, these upgrades make the vehicle faster, smoother, and more efficient in a variety of ways.

While the list of roush possible vehicles is currently limited to roughly a dozen models, that number is also growing making these high performance upgrades accessible to more people. Whether you are interested in getting into street racing or you just want to amp up your vehicle, so the option is there, roush upgrades are one of your best options. You can contact a local Ford dealer to see what your options are locally.

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