Your Guide to Duramax Injector Problems

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What are injectors on diesels

Over the past 50 years, the United States has experienced changes that could not have been foreseen by previous generations. Some of these changes include technology and how it has changed communication, business transactions, and even transportation. As the world awaits the developments of electronic cars and self-driving automobiles, we still rely on some of the older technology that our ancestors put into effect.

One of those older forms of power involves diesel and batteries. Aftermarket diesel injectors, Duramax duel injectors, 2004 Duramax injectors, and other types of diesel and Duramax powered items are incredibly popular for most consumers. While these items are steadily relied upon by consumers, there are still problems to be encountered. Here is what you should know about Duramax injector problems.

The more modern common-rail injectors can double the wear on most injectors, causing some Duramax injector problems. This occurs because the common-rail injectors fire two or more three times for every engine cycle as opposed to other types of injectors. There are also some deposits that can cause Duramax injector problems and even causes some injectors to fail. These two deposits that lead to Duramax injector problems involve excessive build up: external and internal injector deposits.

When injection pressures reach about 30,000 psi, there is a fine mist of fuel that is created and allows for a complete burning of fuel. The life expectancy of diesel fuel is about 12 months when the fuel is kept at 68 degrees ambient temperature. That life span can drop to anywhere between 6 and 12 months if it is instead kept at an ambient temperature above 86 degrees.

Diesel fuel vehicles accounted for 3.2% of all car sales in 2012, but that number is expected to double by the year 2018.
Diesel fuel is considered to be 30% more rich in terms of energy when compared to its counterpart gasoline. Cars with diesel engines are going to between 20% and 40% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts as well, making them much better for the car that uses the diesel fuel. Avoid duramax injector problems in order for the diesel injector to properly work in your vehicle.

In the year of 2014, the car company called Volkswagen made up for more than 50% of all diesel car sales within the United States. Also, in that very same year of 2014, it was noted that American consumers purchased more than 489,612 clean diesel cars. Yes, that is a lot of diesel cars purchased in that year and as mentioned earlier that number is more than likely going to increase in the future going forward.

In conclusion, there are many people who view diesel fuel as the past, present, and future of cars. This is especially so within the United States where the sales of diesel cars continue to increase as time proceeds on. The diesel engine design was first patented 125 years ago, by Rudolf Diesel. Since then the diesel engine has only grown to continue and as time goes on they will manage to fix all of the problems you can encounter so your diesel engine can run perfectly.

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